View Your SGCs for Program Counsel

This is a special view in Smartsheet designed to assist Program Counsel on the timely submission of Special Grant Conditions (SGCs) during the grant year. The view allows Program Counsel to keep track of due dates and automates notifications to his/her manager when reviews are needed and steps in the process are completed.

Can't find View Your SGCs in your Sheets folder? It may have not been shared to you. Contact Judy for help.

Time Saving Tip

  1. Make it a favorite in Smartsheet, or
  2. Bookmark it in Chrome.
  3. Print it if you must, and pin it to your wall.

LSC Response Due Grantee is auto-calculated based on the Grantee Report Due date (30 days).

Entering the Response Ready for Manager Review date will trigger an email notification to the manager.

Entering the Reviewed by Manager date will trigger an email notification to Program Counsel.

Save time looking for documents you need! Click the paper clip and find all the folder locations you will need to access! They will open in other tabs in your browser.

Calendar View Tip!

  1. Change the view from Grid View to Calendar View to see the dates organized on a calendar.
  2. Click the cog icon to chose which of the date columns should be organized on the calendar.
  3. You can view 1 month or several months.


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