Keep It On At Night

The Office of Information Technology is asking that everyone leave their computers powered on over the weekends to ensure that they are patched with the latest security updates.  Weekend Deployment of updates for workstations and laptops are scheduled to run weekly on Saturdays for approximately eight hours starting at 7AM. After the deployment completes, if necessary the machines are scheduled for a reboot. The information below outlines the details of what LSC staff members will see upon a successful deployment of Windows and 3rd party updates.

To prepare for weekly updates it is important for you to do the following:

  1. Closes all running applications.
  2. Save your work (i.e documents opened in Word, Excel etc.)
  3. Lock your computer (ctrl+alt+delete then select “Lock”) or sign out of your computer (ctrl+alt+delete then select “Sign out”)

If you feel the need to shut your computer down (turn off completely) it is better to do so on Monday thru Thursday.

Message Displayed to User (you will see this message on the next alert)

The Office of Information Technology has scheduled your computer to restart to install critical updates. If you do not wish to allow this program to shut down your computer click snooze to delay the shutdown or cancel to stop it. Please contact the OIT Helpdesk at extension 1680 with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Reboot Timers 

  • Shutdown Timer (Mins)=4320= three days
  • The Shutdown timer is the number of minutes the user dialog will appear before automatically execution the shutdown action.
  • The option to allow users to reboot is selected
  • User will see the LSC Logo in the dialog box that appears on their computer.


  • The option to allow user to defer (snooze) the reboot is enabled.
  • Snooze Timer (Mins)=60
  • Snooze timer is the number of minutes the user can dismiss the dialog before it will appear again.
  • Snooze Count x4
  • Snooze Count is the number of times a user can defer the scheduled reboot action.


Lastly, we are asking the all employees with an LSC issued laptops to bring them in one more time to have an agent installed that will allow OIT to manage updates and install software remotely.



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