Box and Outlook 2016

Using Box with Microsoft Outlook

If you're working on a local Microsoft Office file and want to share it with others, you can use Microsoft Outlook to simultaneously upload the file to Box and email it out to collaborators.

To upload and attach your files:

  1. Click Upload and Attach from the Outlook Box ribbon menu. This will open a file picker. 
  2. Use the file picker to select which file you want to upload to Box as well as email to others and click Open.
  3. Once you've selected a file, use the Upload to folder pop-up to select where you want the file to live in Box.
  4. Choose an access level for this file from the Access drop-down menu and click Upload.
  5. Once the file is in Box, a shared link will appear in your email draft.
When you are composing an email, you can insert shared links to files or folders stored in Box, and you can customize the link access levels.
To send a shared link:

  1. Click Attach from Box from the Outlook Box ribbon menu.
  2. Use the Attach from Box pop-up to select the file you want to share.
  3. Choose an access level for this file from the Access drop-down menu and click Insert.
  4. The chosen file will appear as a shared link in your email draft. 
Note: With the Box for Office integration, when you try to attach a file that is not in Box, you will be given the option of uploading the file to Box and sending as a shared link. You can simply dismiss the pop-up prompt and proceed with your local attachment if you don't want to upload that file to Box. Admins can now disable this prompt by pushing a configuration change.

Save Incoming Attachments to Box

When you receive an email (or multiple emails) with attachments, you can save the attachments directly to Box.
To save an email attachment to Box:

  1. Open the email either in the Outlook preview pane or in an individual email window.
  2. Click Save Attachments from the Outlook Box ribbon menu.
  3. In the Save to folder pop-up, choose where you want to save the attachments from your selected email. Please note, you cannot save individual attachments to different locations, they all need to be saved to the same location.
  4. Click Save to save all the attachments to your selected location in Box.
Note: To save attachments from multiple emails, multi-select the emails you wish to download attachments from and follow the steps above using the Outlook preview pane.


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