Tip Sheet: Surviving the Data Portal 2018

Use Chrome to Connect to Cloud Services Associated with the Portal

#1 Create and use your Chrome profile

  • If you do not use your own, LSC can provide you a Google Account to create one


#2 Create bookmarks for Salesforce, Box, and Tableau

  • Tableau is a public site and does not require a login
  • Salesforce and Box may require double-authentication

#1 Duplicate a tab in Chrome. Pin it to that position.


#2 Close several tabs at one time to make room for more.


#3 Move tabs to change the order for convenience.


Use Search Functionality in Chrome, Salesforce, Box, and Tableau to Quickly Locate Information

#1 Use the search bar in Salesforce

  • There are different types of records in SF. Choose the correct one.
  • Information is organized into Objects. Know the ones you use most.
  • Salesforce Lightning makes this clearer in the future.


#2, #3 Searching for Box files in Salesforce

  • Use the widget in the organization record
  • Use the Box tab on the menu bar


#4 Searching Legal Services Corporation Profile in Tableau Public

  • There are also other profiles you could search for reference
  • You can create your own free profile if you would like to save favorites

Use Functionality in Chrome, Salesforce, Box, and Tableau to Optimize Recurring Use of Information Once Found

#1 Set Salesforce, Box, and Tableau to appear when Chrome opens

  • This is only work if you are logged in to your profile in Chrome


#2 Use the recents rail in Salesforce

  • This rail is not persistent and may be hard to locate


#3 Add document Bookmarks to the Box Widget

  • The permissions at the bookmark’s destination will prevail

Create Personalized Access to Information with Views and Tabs in Salesforce and Your Own HTML Page in Chrome

#1 Edit and Create Views in Salesforce


#2 Create customize tabs using My Settings in Salesforce

  • You must be a licensed LSC Platform User


#3 Create Word document that can become your own Chrome default page

  • Most links, but not all, will work from here
  • You will still be required to login in

What's New in the Data Portal 2018

In the Organization Record


New Sections

  1. Assignments
  2. Activity History
  3. Board Members (Collected via GAR)
  4. Fiscal App Scores (Established at Competition)
  5. GARs

New Buttons

  • 2017 PDFs for Offices and Staffing (Persistent/Current Data)


In the GAR Record Detail


New Buttons

  • 2016 and 2017 PDFs (Submission Snapshot)



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