Quick Grants Information in the Data Portal

From the grantee landing page, it is possible to view details about grants as well as create and assign tasks regarding a grant.

  1. To view all the grants and subgrants, click the Detailed Grants tab on the grantee's landing page.
  2. To view the further detail on a grant, click the Grant Identifier link.
  1. The Grant Identifier link opens into that grant's Details.
  2. Click the buttons to download PDFs of GAR Revenue, Expense, and Demographics forms.
  3. Add a Task to remind yourself of something that needs follow up or assign it to staff on the grantee team.
  4. Click the grant's Related tab to see more information, such as Case Services, Expenses, and Revenue data.

Tasks will appear on the Active Tasks widget on your Home Landing Page. Note: because this is a "soft launch", do not assign tasks to others if they are not trained on how to receive a process tasks from their own Home Landing Page.


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