Navigating the Data Portal in Lightning

You will find navigating the Data Portal easier in Lightning. Landing pages are customized to your role and the grantee page is organized into tabs that make finding grantee information easier to spot.

Your Landing Page

  1. Your grantees appear here.
  2. Access to all grantees is possible from this widget.
  3. Buttons to access external tools like Smartsheet and LSC Grants appear here.
  4. Links to the items you have viewed recently appear here.
  5. Tasks assigned to you appear here.

Important Navigation Tips:

  • You can sort grantees by clicking the column titles inside the widget.
  • To see more grantees click on the title of the widget as shown by the arrows below.

If your grantees are not up to date, contact the so that they can correct the assignment of that grantee and make it yours.

Grantee Landing Page

  1. Main phone and website appear here.
  2. Hoover your cursor over the links here.  Relevant information will drop down. No need to click unless you need to see more.
  3. Most important details appear here, such as main address, phone number, and LSC Staff is assigned to this grantee.
  4. Active grants appear here.
  5. Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Board Chair appear listed here.
  6. Buttons to download PDFs of Offices and Staffing appear here.

Important Navigation Tips

  • You can view more by clicking the Office, Box, Reports, or Details Grants tabs highlighted below.
  • You can view more by clicking on any of the links highlighted below.

Documents displayed under the Box tab are only the final documents stored as per procedure within the LSC Salesforce folder in Box. If you need to access other folders in Box, you can do so by clicking "Box Files" on the menu at the top of the screen.

If you think we could improve accessibility by adding or removing links in widgets #1 and #2 above, please contact and we will make the change to the relevant user profile(s).


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