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Setting up or Changing your Secondary Email

Users should update their Okta profile with a secondary email.   This email ensures that, should you forget your Okta password and not have access to your LSC Outlook Email account, you can still reset your password using your secondary email.  

Use this guide to add or change your secondary email

As part of the Okta SSO implementation, LSC set all staff secondary email to their LSC.GOV email.  This ensured that users have an email identified in this field.  However, it is preferred that users change this information to a NON-LSC.GOV email such as a personal email.

  • Click on the desktop Okta link (image 1 below) to open the SSO dashboard (image 2 below)
    • You can also open your dashboard by typing the SSO URL LSC.OKTA.COM into the browser of your choice
  • Click on the down arrow to the right of your user name in the top of the dashboard and select the "Settings" option (image 1 below)
  • Okta will open the Account Management Dialog Box
  • Select the "Edit" button in the top right corner of the Personal Information section (image 2 below)
  • Okta will open the "Secondary email" field for editing (image 3 below)
  • Enter your secondary email information and select "Save"
  • Okta will provisionally update your Secondary email information with a notation that the information has not been verified
  • Okta will send a verification email to your secondary email account (image 1 below)
  • Open the verification email and click on the green "Confirm Email Change" button at the bottom of the email (image 2 below)
  • Once you have Confirmed the change, Okta will update the secondary email in your personal information page (image below)
  • And you're done!

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