How to Access SSO

Single Sign On (or SSO) technology is a service that permits users to use One Logon to access multiple systems without the bother of entering passwords for each application.  LSC has implemented SSO using a software called Okta.  Using Okta, we have a single, integrated platform that offers you secure access to enterprise applications and information and allows users to customize their SSO dashboard by adding additional work and personal applications at the touch of a button

Once you have set up your SSO on your desktop (see the article, Setting Up Your Single Sign On, for detailed instructions), using it is as easy as clicking a button -- literally.  This guide provides detailed instructions how you can access SSO.

By using the SSO portal to access your applications, you will enable the system to manage your passwords and login information.  The result, no more logging into box, then O365, then Smartsheet, then ..., then ..., then ...

Accessing the SSO portal is easy and can be accomplished in several ways ... user choice!

1. Use the URL (great for when you are on travel or working remotely!)
  1. Open Your Browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari)
  2. Enter the SSO URL
  3. If you are logging onto your dashboard remotely for the first time, you will need to provide your credentials and select the "remember me" box to ensure quick access from that machine moving forward.
  4. Your SSO Dashboard (below) will open and you are good to go!
2. Use the Desktop Icon (the lazy man/woman's way to enter the URL...)
  1. You may have noticed when SSO was launched that a new desktop icon "magically" appeared on your desktop (image below).
  2. Click on the icon and it will launch your SSO dashboard.
3. Use your Web Plug In (who needs a dashboard anyway!)
  1. When we launched SSO, we pushed a browser plugin to your browser.  
  2. The plugin is located in the upper right side of your browser and looks like a Blue Circle (see 1 below)
  3. To use the plugin, open your browser
  4. Click on the Blue Circle icon (number 1 below)
  5. It will open a quick selection screen (number 2 below)
  6. From that screen, you can open any of your applications that are being managed within the Single Sign On platform.

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