Adding Applications to SSO

When LSC Implemented Single Sign On, your dashboard was populated with the applications that were part of the implementation AND that you had permissions to use as part of your employment.  But we all know that individuals have different preferences for what applications they use at work, so we ensured that the Single Sign On technology we implemented allowed users enough flexibility to add frequently used applications to their SSO dashboard.

This guide provides detailed instructions how you can add applications to your SSO dashboard.

  • On day one, your dashboard will have looked something like this.
  • Notice the extra tabs along the top next the the "Work" tab?
  • You can use this space to customize your dashboard, moving icons to different locations and adding additional applications
1. Adding a new tab
  • Creating a customized tab is easy
  • Click on the "+" symbol on the tab
  • This will open a "Create New Tab" dialog box and ask you to enter the new Tab Name
  • Name your tab and click on the Save button
  • Your Dashboard will automatically update with a new tab
2. Adding New Applications using the Applications Library
  • To add applications to a tab, select the tab you want to add applications to
  • Click on the "+ Add Apps" button at the top right of your dashboard
  • This will bring up the Applications Library dialog box that sorts all the pre-loaded applications that are available for your use
  • You can use the "Search for an app" field (number 1 below) to type the name of an application you are interested in, or
  • You can view the apps alphabetically by selecting the first letter of the application under the "All Apps" section (number 2 below), or
  • You can narrow your search by selecting the content area that your application is likely to be associated with (number 3 below)
  • Once you find the application you want to add, select the "Add" button to the right of the application (4 above)
  • Your dashboard will automatically be updated with the application with a flag on the icon's upper left corner indicating the application is New to your dashboard
3. Adding an application that is NOT in the Applications Library (Creating a Bookmark)
  • If you search for an application that is not available in the Applications Library, Single Sign On will give you the option to create a Bookmark instead of adding an application.  
  • If SSO does not have the application in the Applications Library, you will get a popup indicating that "No apps found" and offering you the option to "Add a Bookmark Instead" (number 1 below)
  • Select "Add a Bookmark Instead"
  • SSO will open the Add Bookmark dialog box asking for the URL information and the application name (number 2 below)
  • Enter this information into the dialog box and select the "Add" button
  • SSO will update your dashboard with a "New" application icon button (number 3 below)
  • SSO will manage the bookmark in much the same way that it will manage other applications that you are adding
4. Validating your user account through SSO
  • Now that you have added the icon to your SSO portal, you need to validate your user credentials so SSO can manage those credentials for you moving forward
  • Click on the New Icon on your dashboard (number 1 below)
  • It will open a Sign In dialog box for that application (number 2 below)
  • In the Dialog box enter your User Name and Password for THAT APPLICATION
  • Click the sign in button in the lower right of the dialog box (number 3 below)
  • SSO will attempt to log you into the application
  • Once SSO attempts to log you in, you will get a Confirmation dialog box (number 4 below)
  • If you were successful in logging in, then select "Yes", this will update your SSO dashboard and moving forward SSO will manage your user credentials for that site (unless and until you change your credentials directly with the application)
  • If you were not successful, then select "No" and try again.  
    • You may need to refresh your memory of your user name and/or password for the site by using the application's "forgot my credentials" features.
    • If this is the case, you will need to do that outside of the SSO dashboard and then use this process to enter the credentials at a later time.

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