BoxWorks September 27-31, 2018

Stuff You Use Every Day

The images pictured in this article are what the items look like at the time of this writing.  Since many of these features are "coming soon", see how many you have tell are different when the update happens. As with any cloud product, the changes will be subtle and paced.  Read on and avoid being surprised.

  • [Coming Soon] Updates to the Move / Copy Pop-Up: Starting in Sept, we'll be updating the experience of the Move / Copy pop-up in the Web App. These updates are focused on loading your faster loading of your folders and easier navigation as you choose the destination folder. This updated experience will be available first from the Favorites page, followed by Search and the All Files pages.
  • [Coming Soon] Updates to 'Upload Embed Widget' Experience: we'll be making minor updates to the Upload Embed Widget [link to Community] based on customer feedback in order to support multiple files being uploaded in the widget at once. There are no additional functionality changes in this release and no action required for existing widgets in use - these will automatically upgrade to the latest update.
  • [Coming Soon] Updated Metadata Experience in Preview Sidebar Starting in Sept, we'll be updating the layout and navigation of the Metadata experience in the Preview sidebar. This update is focused on simpler navigation across Metadata templates for a file. This updated experience will be progressively enabled when opening the Preview page first from Recents or Favorites, followed by Search, and then All Files. Learn more here.
  • [Coming Soon] Minor Styling Changes on Search Page: We're making minor styling changes to the filters on the Search page in the Web App. Filters at the top of the Search page will now appear more button-like (vs. link-like).
  • [Coming Soon] Document Thumbnails in Grid View: Currently only media files (images, video) have rich thumbnails in grid view. We're extending support for rich thumbnails by adding document thumbnails (via Representations API) so your favorite PowerPoints, documents, PDFs, and more will finally have thumbnails in grid view!
  • [Coming Soon] Searching for Previously-Visited Shared Links: Currently, files that you access via shared link but aren't a collaborator on are not searchable, meaning they're only accessible from the Recents page. We're making an enhancement to start making these files show up in your search results to make finding these items even easier.

Other Cool Stuff

  • [December 2018] Box Skills Kit: The Box Skills Kit is a set of APIs, developer documentation, and sample code that helps developers create custom skills. With the Box Skills Kit, developers can write integrations that apply AI services from nearly any third-party provider to process and extract insights from documents, images, audio, video and other types of content in Box. Developers can also use a series of metadata-driven UI "cards" to visualize the extracted information directly in the Box user experience, allowing employees to easily use this rich information in their day-to-day work.  
  • [Coming Soon] Box Automations: Quickly customize or create repetitive actions. With just a few clicks, string together multiple steps in a single automation, or leverage the pre-built examples to create an automation in seconds.   Since automations can support an array of over 20 types of inputs and outputs, users can now automate nearly any activity in Box. Action occurring within the metadata, file, folder or event at a specific time now gives users the agility they need to better support the ever-changing processes. 


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