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How To Prepare a Document in Box for e-Signature

Start e-signature routing process directly in the Box visit folder.

Login to Box.

Find the letter and open it in the viewer.


  1. Click the Open button
  2. Select Adobe Sign from the dropdown.


Prepare the routing sheet.

Click the same visit folder where where the completed signed document and audit trail will be stored in Box.

Click the Select & Continue button.

Complete the routing form.


  1. Your LSC email should appear here. This indicates that you are signed in with your Adobe ID.
  2. Click Add Me if your will be the first one to sign this letter.
  3. Start typing the emails of everyone signing this letter.
  4. Click Show CC if you have someone who is not signing the letter but should get notified of the signature status. (More on this later in this exercise.)
  5. The signatures will be complete in order by default. You can change this setting by clicing on the switch to complete in any order.
  6. Edit the message as needed.  Everyone signing will read this message.  You may want to include a due date or other instructions. (The subject will default to the title of the letter.)
  7. Do NOT check password protect.  If you do it might delay signing the letter because everyone will need to know and use the password.
  8. Avoid the Set Reminder.  It will be persistent and can clutter someone's mailbox.  Don't use it unless you have to.
  9. Check the Preview & Add Signature Fields. Then click NEXT.

Assign signature(s) plus date of letter.

Use the tool bar to the right of the letter to assign signature(s) and date(s).


  1. Set the recipient you want to prepare the signature for.
  2. Under Signature Fields, click-and-drag the signature field to place it on the letter.
  3. Under Signer Info Fields, click-and-drag the date field to place it on the letter.


Repeat the process by selecting a different person from the Recipients list.

Click the Send button once the letter is completely prepared for all signatures and date(s).



Ignore the message "Form fields were detected in this document. On each page, click this button to place them."  It is best is you place them manually.

If you accidentally drop a field on the letter to the wrong recipient, you can right-clickon the field, click edit, and change the recipent there.


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