Box Edit Tip Sheet

1. With the Box document open in your browser, click the dropdown to the right of the document title to lock it.

Best Practices: (1) Disable Download to avoid other users opening it at the same time and accidentally saving duplicates of the same document.  (2) Choose a Duration so if you forget to unlock the document, others can edit the document once the duration ends.

2. Click the Open button and choose the Microsoft option you want to use.

What Ifs: If the only option that drops down is Microsoft Online, you are missing the Box Tools add-in from your computer and you should call the Help Desk.

3. Once you have finished editing the document, click the X to close the document and it will save directly to the Box folder it came from.

What Ifs: If you lose internet connectivity while you are editing, the document will be saved to a "catchall and hidden" folder Box provides on your computer and you should contact the Help Desk.

4. Before leaving the document, click the red lock or the drop down caret to the right of the document name and choose unlock.


Contact the Help Desk if any of the items marked below are missing from your screen.  It means you do not have the correct permissions to work on the file as an Editor.


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