How to Create a Purchase Card Expense Report

Per Chapter II of  LSC's Administrative Manual, you are required to create and submit an expense report in Concur no later than the 10th day of the month.

Before you begin


Have all the transactions from your GSA Visa downloaded to Concur?  To verify, click on Expense and view transactions. Your charges will be listed under Company Paid Charges or Corp Visa. You should also cross reference these transactions/ charges by logging into your Citibank account


The Expense Report must include the following: a copy of the Citibank statement; a Purchase Checklist (for all purchases over $100) showing that the purchase was pre-approved per Chapter 1; and a receipt, Missing Receipt Declaration, or other alternative documentation satisfactory to OFAS showing the quantity, specifications, and total cost of the item or services purchased.

Have you uploaded all of  your required receipts to the  receipt store or on your desk top for easy access?

This short video will demonstrate the various ways you can upload,or send receipts images to the receipt store.

Click here for more detailed information on receipt images

E- Receipts

Receipts must legible and attached upright to the expense line item. One receipt per line item is preferred. When scanning receipts from the LSC scanners, scan one receipt at a time. You can attach up to 10 PDF's to an email and email it to It can take up to 30 minutes for the receipts to appear in your receipt store.

You can also take a photo of smaller receipts using your Smart Phone and upload it to the receipt store or directly to your report by using the Concur APP for iPhone  or Android

Launch Concur

Select the expense tab and click on create new report

Completing the Report Header

  • Expense Group ID: No action required. Can only be changed by OFAS. Expense pay means direct deposit, No Expense Pay means check payment
  • Report Name: Enter your last name, first initial month and year. Example Doe-J May 2019.
  • Start and end dates: Use Statement begin and end dates
  • Start Location: Washington DC
  • Destination:  Washington DC
  • Department: Your department is the default.
  • Grantee Number: NONE
  • Project Code:  NONE
  • Non Employee address and city state - leave blank
  • Claim travel allowance: 
  • Select "NO" I do not want to claim travel allowance"

Adding Expenses To Your Report.

You can now add in the visa transactions for the month of the report your are preparing. The report total should equal the total of the Citibank Statement and your Citibank Statement must be also included with the receipts.  NOTE: If you have an Integrated Card you must report any travel expenses on a travel expense report.  DO NOT COMBINE TRAVEL AND PURCHASE ON ONE REPORT


Select the Corp Visa items you want to add from the Available Expenses and click Add to Report ( You can select multiple items at one time)

Next Steps

Add Expense: Clicking on this will allow you to add additional expenses.

Edit: Allows you to Edit the expense by changing the name, department code etc.

Delete: Allows you to delete the expense. The deleted expense can be found by clicking on  "view transactions"

Copy: Not Applicable for LSC Purchase Card Expense Reports

Allocate: Allows you to split purchase costs between departments. You can use a fixed dollar amount or a percentage.

Move to: Allows you to move an expense to another report if you inadvertently included in your report

Alerts: Defining expenses ( Alerts must be cleared before you can submit your report) Yellow Alerts are informational, Red Alerts require something to be changed or updated

You must now define each expense item. Any box with a red bar/ alert must be edited. Other fields are optional.

  • Expense Type: Select from the drop down menu
  • Transaction date: Already populated as Corp Visa
  • Expense purpose: Optional but you can use this field to enter an explanation for the reviewer if necessary.
  • Vendor Name: Optional but recommended
  • City - Optional
  • GL Overide  Leave Blank
  • Payment Type Corp Visa is the default
  • Amount:  This amount cannot be edited for Corp Visa.
  • Expense Description: Select from drop down menu ( Staff travel is the default and this must be updated to the correct expense description)
  • Department: Default is set to your department. CHANGE to the department that is being billed for the purchase.
  • Grantee Number and Project Code: Select from drop down menu or select NONE if not applicable
  • Personal Expense: This should not apply to Purchase Card purchases


Allocating Expenses between Departments

Click on Allocate and follow the prompts. Choose between Percent or Amount. Click SAVE

Attaching Receipts

Click on Attach Receipt Image to attach a receipt now, or save and attach it later.

Select the receipt image you want to attach, click attach.

If you want to access the receipts from your desktop, select Upload Receipt Image and follow the prompts

Please attach the receipt and checklist to the appropriate expense item. OFAS prefer to have each line item have a receipt  and check list if applicable rather than one batch or  PDF of receipts. This also expedites the review process for your approving official.

Missing Receipts and Missing Receipt Declaration

If you were unable to obtain a receipt of have misplaced it, you can create a missing receipt declaration. With the report open, click on Manage Receipts and select missing receipt declaration.

NOTE: This should be a last resort. Most vendors will recreate a receipt for you especially for large ticket items.

Select the expense(s) that are missing a receipts and click on Accept & Create.

Submitting your report

After you have verified all your transactions and attached your receipts and checklists, you can submit your report. You can attach any additional documentation ( memos,waivers etc) as you would receipts. One expense item can have multiple receipts attached to it.

Click SUBMIT report for your report to be routed to OFAS for review before being sent to your approving official

Recalling your report

You can easily recall your report for corrections or additions by clicking on the recall button and make the edits. OFAS or your approving official may have more questions on your report and occasionally will send it back to you. You will receive an alert by email that the report has been sent back. You should promptly fix the errors or provide the required information within 3 business days.


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