How do I get Started with Concur?

LSC uses Concur to book business travel and process expense reports. You will be assigned a Concur log-in and invited to complete your travel and expense profile in Concur. If you did not receive an invitation to sign up for a Concur account, please email [email protected]  After you receive the invitation, please follow the instructions below to set up your account. Complete all fields so that you can begin to use Concur. If you need assistance,you can contact the Concur help desk 24/7  by calling, 866-793-4040 or you can contact Patricia Colindres, [email protected] or 202-295-1512 during business hours.



1: Log in to Concur

2: Username: LSC employees, this is your LSC email address [email protected]  For Non-LSC employees, this is the email address you use to communicate with LSC - Google Chrome

3: Click next and check "remember me" if you prefer not to enter this information each time you log in. - Google Chrome

4:  Password: Your temporary password is welcome. You will be prompted to change your password when you log in, note the requirements. - Google Chrome

5: Click on PROFILE  to open up the fields that need to be populated.

LSC provides a free subscription to TripIt Pro. Please avail of this subscription. Please refer to the separate article on TripIt. - Google Chrome

6: Click on PROFILE SETTINGS to open the menu of options that you will need to complete. Watch a brief video here - Google Chrome

Clicking on the blue headers will open up the area that needs to be populated - Google Chrome

7: Enter all required information. - Google Chrome

8:  LSC employees, if you have not yet received a LSC credit card, leave this blank. Non LSC employees should enter a personal card for hotel reservations - Google Chrome

9: Continue to enter your information, frequent flyer numbers,hotel guest numbers etc. (You can ignore international travel and assistants/arrangers) - Google Chrome

10: Ignore request settings, expense settings,delegates and preferences.


Enter your banking information. Reimbursements cannot be paid until this has been completed. - Google Chrome

11: Please sign up for E-receipts. This will ensure that you will receive Ereceipts from vendors that are participating in this program and it will eliminate the need to keep paper receipts. Explore the APP center connect Uber and Lyft. also avail of the Concur Mobile Registration feature to download the APP on your phone.  More information available here. - Google Chrome



Below are several resources that you can use to familiarize yourself with Concur.


For a complete library of training, please click here