Run the webinar

Did you know that you can push your ScreenSteps articles to any web page your employees are working on?

You can try it out right now to see how it works. Just follow the checklist below:

Click this link to add the extension to Chrome >> ScreenSteps for Chrome.

Navigate away from the Chrome Extension store. You can go to any page, like the ScreenSteps help page.

You should see a prompt to enter your account––that's what you called your ScreenSteps account when you first signed up for a trial.

Navigate to You'll see a bell icon on your right.

Click the Bell

Click on it to view some articles I put there just for you.

View articles

I added some articles for you to check out.

Here are some tips for setting this up for the web applications your company uses >> Set up contextual help.

Your employees can get the help they need in one click!