Office Staffing

Troubleshooting Duplicate Staff Records

Each staff member may have only one current entry in the Office Staffing form. This video instructs users on how to identify the most current and accurate entry for each staff member. This video also provides information on how to flag duplicate entries that are no longer current or relevant.

Flag duplicate staff entries by listing the email as "[email protected]," making sure that for each staff member, only one entry remains with his/her true email address.

Sorting Offices and Finding Staff

This video displays features of the office staffing form:

  1. Sorting offices by office name and office number
  2. Opening an office to view the staff associated with it

Editing Existing Staff

This video shows how to edit information in the spreadsheet view and in the staff detail pop-up. This video also points out a change that began in the 2018 GAR: the new field for staff birth year.

Adding New Staff Members

This video outlines how to add new staff members on the Office Staffing form.

Adding Staff without Unique Emails

This video explains how to add staff that do not have an email or do not have a unique email address.